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Privacy Policy

  You may visit this site and use program anonymously.
  This site does not collect any personal information.
  When paying for my service, you need to provide your e-mail address.
  I collect e-mail address only as contact information to respond.
  Cookies are used only for statistical purposes (Google Analytics).
  Private information are not disclosed to 3rd party.

  When you use any 3rd party service supported by this program, you have to provide
  any necessary information required by that service (eg. pass login process).
  All these information are private and not dislosed to 3rd party. It can be
  saved in the settings on your local computer if needed (login cookie or token).
  You can delete all these information anytime.
  Program uses and stores data only for the purpose of this program (to upload files
  to selected service. It can read folder structure if required) and only after
  users' selection. 
  By using this site or service, you consent to this privacy policy.
  This policy is valid since 1.1.2019